7 important tips on why I will not use an agent for real estate.

Why I will not use a real estate agent

Like most would expect, working with an agent for real estate is very common for the reassurance of security of sale and handling of paperwork efficiently. However, there are numerous unexpected roadblocks you can still run into using an agent for real estate. 

If you do not proceed with an agent in real estate, that does not mean you can not sell your home. No joke. Typically if you sign an agreement with a real estate company, you are essentially signing terms such as this agreement will expire in 5 years and price.

Keep in mind the simplicity of selling a home and an agent receiving a 6% commission of the sales price of an asset that you own. Firstly, If you say your home sold for $160,000. The agent would get $10,000, and you get $150,000. Not too shabby, but not all of it either. 

Avoid Agents Real Estate 

To avoid using an agent in real estate, I would lean towards FSBO (for sale by owner) platforms and websites. Although some of these sites still require some fee, the most it would be is 3% or even less. 

Agents in real estate would also stress paying the fee. They feel it is worth it because you are gaining access to several resources that are available for them. Not all but, typically an agent in real estate pay for advertising to decrease the time to sell your home.

Agent real estate or Investor

You should take into consideration whether you want to sell your home for full price or you want to sell your house fast. We are talking about weeks or even days. You target an Investor. The guys may be national or local buyers advertising (“We buy houses fast for cash at a discount or full price”). That is a great way to sell your home fast for cash or at full price at no expense. 

Some would disagree and say the 6% paid to the agent in real estate is well worth it. Keep in mind if you do decide to sell your home. It is vital to discuss any agreements with a real estate attorney who can explain the legal aspects of selling your home. 

Most investment companies know the ins and outs of the market better than an agent in real estate. Besides, they will buy your home at what the market price is, give concrete recommendations for the better likely hood of the sale and guide you every step of the way through the selling process. 

All in all, take this with a grain of salt. Overall, from my experience, here are the top reasons why I will not use an agent for real estate.

Hold up home

Agents in real estate can tie up your home

Agents in real estate can hold up your home for months at a time. Over time most realtors would start to lose interest and neglect advertising the house. If you signed an agreement, then you are pretty much at their will of your realtor until sold.

The big wait

Agents for real estate show the property not buy the property

Agents in real estate show the property, not purchase it. If you a motive to move quickly, this is not the best way to go. You have no recourse but to wait a half of year. Now to say, what if it’s been a half of year and your home still has not sold.

Negating renters

Agents in real estate will neglect renters

During this time, remember the property is tied and only accessible to home buyers. However, while waiting, you can place a renter in the home. Realtors and real estate agents would discourage that, saying it would be hard to show around the schedule of a renter. They also would not recommend it because the home wouldn’t be as promotable. 

Agent communication

Agents can lack of communication

When you are in the process of selling a property, that line of communication needs to be superb. If your agent in real estate has lost interest, they will start to have more engagement with their other clients. It can be nerve-wracking at times.

Client favoritism

Agents ca show favoritism

This will leads to our next point. What if your home doesn’t fit the ultimate selling criteria. You may not make it to the top of the list. Agents in real estate tend to go with the best profit. Not to say all agents but keep that in mind.

The yes guy

Yes is not always the best

The yes sounds the best but can be the worst. Most agents will be firm on the asking price that you recommended. That will not be good if the market is saying something different. Instead of being honest about what direction is best, they will tell you what you prefer to hear. That extends the selling process. 

More money

More money without agent

It is obvious. There is more money to keep. By skipping an agent in real estate and selling your home FSBO, you can retain between 6% and 10% more in your pocket. That is the final commission when dealing with agents in real estate. They coordinate and connect parties of purchase and sale. Moreover, if you can do that, then you can bypass an agent in real estate. 

(Bonus 1)

Need an attorney

Agents are not attorneys

Agents in real estate can provide a quality estimate on the home. However, real estate agents do not facilitate legal documents. Your legal team will explain any legal paperwork and filings necessary. Your realtor is not an attorney. You have to hire an attorney on your own to help review any documentation. 

Agents in real estate final thoughts

There are multiple ways to skin a cat (sorry if you love cats). There are home buying companies who can cater to your home selling needs without the headache. They have the practical experience to guide you regarding effective selling techniques that perform best in your area.

In closing (Hint) of the tips why I will not use an agent for real estate is to keep it sweet and simple. Secondly, Selling your home using an agent in real estate is common, but not the only successful way.

Take some time to do a little digging to understand how things work. It’s well worth the reward to take the extra time. Stay positive. Do not be greedy. You would be just selling your home in any market without using an agent in real estate. 

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